A world leader in the functional characterisation of biosimilars and biologics

Antibody Analytics is a global CRO specialising in the functional characterisation of antibody and antibody-like therapeutics with industry leading expertise in the design, development, performance and interpretation of biological assays. We have established a comprehensive range of customisable state-of-the-art methodologies including many that are based upon proprietary and innovative approaches that transform the analysis of biosimilars and deliver significant advantages to our customers.

The Antibody Analytics management team has an exceptional track record of delivering functional characterisation testing services to biologics and biosimilar manufacturers around the world. We understand the nuances of different bioassay and binding formats and possess an in-depth knowledge of the structure-function relationship of antibodies that allows us to offer comprehensive consultancy and testing services that cover the totality of functionality exhibited by antibodies.

  • Leading experts in the functional characterisation of biosimilars
  • Extensive portfolio of biosimilar assays for potency, binding & effector function evaluation
  • Next generation ADCC, CDC & ADCP assays using proprietary cell lines
  • Customisable and flexible assay formats
  • Unparalleled knowledge of bioassay design, application and analysis
  • Industry leading assay designs of exceptional performance
  • Complete range of genotyped effector preparations for ADCC assessments
  • Advanced data analytics using QuBas bioassay software
Biosimilar Testing Services

Biosimilar Testing Services

We offer a range of proprietary testing methods and unique approaches for characterisation of biosimilars

Novel mAb Testing Services

Novel mAb Testing Services

Antibody Analytics offers custom bioassay development services and is dedicated to delivering best-in-class biological assays

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