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Who are we?

Antibody Analytics are specialists in Primary Cell Method development and analysis, dedicated to advancing drug development. 

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Antibody Analytics are an extension of your R&D

  • Scientists turn to us when they are looking to define their candidate’s mechanisms of action, bolster characterisation data or simply when they are struggling to resource their needs in house

  • Providing primary cell methods and bioassays complemented by a wide range of binding capabilities to help progress your therapeutic candidate throughout its clinical development journey

  • From discovery to the later clinical stages, we know how to build the correct assay designs at the appropriate stage to provide meaningful information to you and your team
Whether designing and developing bespoke methods or offering off the shelf solutions to your research needs, Antibody Analytics has an exceptional track record of delivering beautiful results.

Primary cell methods are complex yet critical in truly understanding your therapeutic’s interaction and function within the tumour microenvironment. Finding the right partner who has the necessary expertise and flexibility is key. We work with our customers on even the most challenging of molecules and understand not only the underlying science behind the complex environment, but the need to deliver robust assay platforms to accelerate their drug development programs.

Antibody Analytics Ltd.

Antibody Analytics

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Know Your Protein

Know Your Protein

As SPR is generally used for assessing binding to proteins in one form or another it’s a good idea to ensure that you have as much information about the proteins you’re assessing as possible.

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