Innovation in ADCC

ADCC (antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity) is an immune defence mechanism in which certain cells of the body are targeted for destruction by antibodies and subsequently killed by effector cells of the immune system. Many therapeutic antibodies and antibody-like proteins can harness and direct this killing activity towards cell types that express the antigen to which they're directed. Characterising the in vitro activity and establishing the potential influence on clinical efficacy poses one of the greatest challenges to biosimilar developers.

Antibody Analytics has developed a revolutionary approach and offers services based upon a proprietary advanced ADCC platform technology. Using novel cell lines and approaches we have eliminated the issues associated with traditional performance of ADCC assays and are able to provide elegant methods that measure target cell death with varying levels of biological relevance and sensitivity, all with unprecedented levels of performance and consistency.

Methodologies based upon the advanced ADCC assay platform are able to play a pivotal role in any biosimilar ADCC characerisation strategy adding significant value by providing data of the highest possible quality.

Expertise in ADCC Characterisation Strategies

No single approach can be applied to characterise the ADCC activity of a biosimilar and a successful ADCC characterisation strategy is dependent upon the (multiple) mechanism of actions of the innovator drug, its approved indications and most importantly, upon the observed activity of the biosimilar candidate itself relative to the reference innovator molecule. An ADCC evaluation strategy must therefore encompass a range of orthogonal analytical techniques that range from relatively simply CD16a (Fcγ Receptor IIIa) binding assessments to cell based ADCC assays. The complexity of ADCC assays can significantly increase as the nature of target and effector cell preparations are varied to meet specific objectives of the characterisation strategy.

Our experts have an unparalleled understanding of ADCC assay performance combined with industry leading expertise in the design and implementation of ADCC characterisation strategies. With knowledge gleaned from different biosimilar molecules that demonstrate a diverse range of similarity relative to the reference innovator product, we can help define a successful ADCC characterisation strategy for your biosimilar and perform the required experiments.

Our ADCC characterisation services include CD16a (Fcγ Receptor IIIa) binding assays, cell based binding assays (ELISA and Flow Cytometry) for measurement of antibody-antigen at the cell membrane and a range of methods based upon the advanced ADCC assay platform and a diverse range of investigatory ADCC assay formats that, together, are designed to truly understand the biological relevance and clinical significance of differences in ADCC activity. We provide ADCC characterisation services for the following biosimilar molecules.


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Custom ADCC Development Services

With proprietary technology, cell line development capabilities and internal know-how we can develop industry-leading ADCC assays across a wide range of different formats to support your molecule at all stages of development.

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