Binding by ELISA

Antibody Analytics provides reliable, robust and accurate binding analysis of a range of mAb and mAb-like drug candidates

The recognition of an antigen by an antibody-based therapeutic candidate is fundamental to its efficacy as a drug product. These antigens can be soluble factors in the extracellular milieu or receptor proteins expressed on the surface of a targeted cell type. Antibody drugs can function by induction of intracellular cell signalling pathways, as ligand or receptor antagonists, or target for cell death via the adaptive immune response or target with cytotoxic agents.

Regardless, the affinity for the target molecule is an essential characteristic requiring thorough understanding.

At Antibody Analytics, our dedicated scientists provide a range of methodologies to develop this understanding, through:

Direct binding assessments
Implementing competition assay formats
Developing cell-based assessments to transmembrane antigens

Utilising our innovative approaches, we can offer characterisations with unrivalled accuracy, robustness and reproducibility.