Flow Cytometry

As a leading innovator in flow cytometry binding analysis and assay development, Antibody Analytics understands the importance and power of in-depth cell analysis for biopharmaceutical development.

The monospecific antigen binding characteristics of an antibody make it ideally suited to targeting cell-membrane localised antigens. The antibody can block ligand or mitogen binding to a receptor protein preventing transduction of intracellular signalling pathways, or through recruitment of effector proteins, signal an antigen expressing cell for destruction using the body's own immune system. Both of these mechanisms of action require the mAb to bind to a cell-surface expressed antigen.

Binding to cell-associated antigens can be quantified using flow cytometry methods. The antibody is bound to the cell at appropriate dilutions and detected through a number of different approaches utilising fluorescently labelled detection reagents.

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