Binding by Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)

Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) continues to play an ever more important role in the characterisation of biopharmaceuticals

SPR is a label free technology and this offers distinct advantages in that true interactions can be measured in real time which allows specificity, concentration, kinetics and affinity to be measured.

Using the full capabilities of the Biacore 8K system allows us to assess multiple critical quality attributes (CQA) in a single run.

The current industry model has historically had a significant time- and cost-component associated with the use of SPR for the assessment of CQAs. Given the continued criticality of SPR analysis, the cost of conducting outsourced SPR testing has the potential to continue to rise.

Antibody Analytics intends to transform the outsourced SPR model by offering best in class assays tailored to the customer's needs and achieve the highest levels of sample throughput using a combination of advanced Biacore 8K equipment, expert know-how and innovative approaches to control both quality and costs of materials. This process has been initiated through the acquisition of the leading Biacore 8K SPR technology and a growing team of industry experts.

Under the oversight of accomplished biophysicist Stuart Knowling and his team, Antibody Analytics is uniquely placed to offer novel SPR approaches for a multitude of interactions by taking full advantage of the performance capabilities and throughput of the Biacore 8K.

"We believe that scientists deserve the best data, and patients deserve the best drugs, so we aim to ensure that SPR is fast, efficient and affordable for all of our customers."

All protein, DNA, RNA, and small molecule screening
Assay design, modification and optimisation
Assay qualification
Calibration Free Concentration Analysis (CFCA)
Competition and allostery assays
Epitope binning
Fcγ receptor analysis
Immunogenicity testing
Species specific screening
Target screening and binding analysis
Stability - Stress sample screening

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