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Custom Cell Line Engineering

Target cells are a critical component of primary immune cell effector assays. Whether investigating T cell dependent cellular cytotoxicity or antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity, we deliver engineered target cells for the evaluation of effector cell function, activation and molecule specificity.

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More interested in cell lines with
endogenous expression of your gene of interest?

We can engineer cell lines to express a target antigen or reporter gene of interest in a desired genetic background. You can choose from the cell lines we have stocked on site, or we can procure a cell line on your behalf.

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Why choose Antibody Analytics for cell line development?

Our team has experience in generating genetically engineered cell lines for a variety of purposes. In addition to standard cell line production where a gene of interest is constitutively expressed in an immortalised cell line background, we have created bespoke engineered cell lines for a variety of downstream purposes. These include over-expression of proteins for protein purification (e.g. purified receptor generation), creation of inducible promoter cell lines, reporter gene expression and even difficult to engineer primary cells such as T cells with chimeric antigen receptors.

Our team will advise on the selection of cellular background and appropriate promoter combination to meet your needs, coupling this with our crafted strategies to ensure rapid stable cell line production while maximising gene expression. 

Need to test your newly-created cell line in a functional or cell-based assay? We can support that too. We can meet both your target and effector cell needs, with our range of immortalised cell lines, custom engineering services and large stocks of primary human immune cells at our disposal.

Why choose Antibody Analytics for cell line development?
We connect you directly with our molecular biology team – you get access to our experts from the very beginning
Characterisation of expression levels in house using flow cytometry or other appropriate detection methods
We provide a detailed proposal for your consideration, including approach, timelines and budget
How would a customer typically
use our services?
First and foremost, our focus is to support developers of immuno-oncology drug candidates, who are trying to either enhance a patient’s own immune response in situ, or ex vivo by way of engineered immune cell therapies. We have a suite of in house primary immune cell assays to measure and interrogate various aspects of primary immune cell and engineered immune cell function.

Our molecular biology team is here to support the development of these therapeutic modalities, by providing engineered target cells for use in our translational discovery or potency assays. Whatever your goals, our immunologists and expert biologists will work together to create a custom immune cell assay and target cell line set up for you.

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Cell Line Development
Working with us
We take a personalised approach to working with our clients and don’t subscribe to a one-size-fits-all ethos. We recognise that each project is unique and provides different challenges.

If you are looking for a partner who can support your target and effector cell needs, then speak to us. Allow us to craft  a tailored approach for you. 

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