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We aim to deliver assays that will help advance the development of your therapeutics candidates

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We aim to deliver assays that will help advance the development of your therapeutics candidates

  • Our customers work tirelessly to provide novel medicinal products to make the world disease-free; we are committed to providing the highest quality data to expedite new healthcare solutions
  • In consultation with you, we design our assays to provide the fullest information in line with your stage of development, by using the most appropriate biological systems and industry leading technology


MLR assays can take a variety of formats that should first be defined and optimised based on the requirements and the endpoints of the assay.


Our capabilities allow us to support early screening activities all the way through to the development of lot release potency assay methods.


In a results-driven manner, our expert immunologists can work with you to develop further immunological assays to interrogate the data arising from the cytokine release assay.


Our assay is readily adaptable to address your scientific questions. The T cell population to be suppressed can be selected from PBMCs, pan-T cells, CD4+ or CD8+ T cells as required.
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  • Speak to the biophysics team about off the shelf and bespoke assays to support binding analysis throughout drug development
  • Speak to our leading immunologists about approaches to better understand how your drug interacts with the immune system
  • Speak to our bioassay experts for advice and support in designing robust and reproducible methods that will give greater confidence in decision making

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