High throughput SPR

By harnessing the latest SPR technology, we enable developers to characterise their next generation products earlier and in more depth than ever before.

Traditionally SPR is not been introduced until close to or after the Lead Optimisation stage but SPR allows you to have Better, Faster and Stronger data than previously thought possible.

Why choose SPR over endpoint-based assays?

Although considered by many to be the gold standard in drug discovery, ELISA is limited by being an endpoint assay:

Rapid assay optimisation through the use of optimum sensor chip chemistries and optimised assay workflow
Orientation specific to your molecule - ensures excellent intra- and inter-assay accuracy and precision
Real time kinetic data
Increased sensitivity meaning no enhancement through secondary antibodies required
Much faster turn around times

If you have a panel of targets you want to screen against one or multiple antibodies or proteins then HTS on Biacore is for you and once you've found your target you can just as easily screen upwards of 1,200 binding partners in 24 hours. All the while receiving kinetic on and off rates and the interaction affinity.

Unrivalled accuracy and precision

Speed is nothing without control and through our optimised workflow accurate data can be generated across all channels of our Biacore 8K systems:

Figure 1: Interaction accuracy and precision of TNFa binding to Remicade. Each channel had 12 single concentration replicates assessed per channel, the results show a highly accurate and precise assay setup across all 8 channels.


As shown in Figure 1, Literature values for the affinity of the TNF╬▒ - Remicade interaction range from ~5 - 20 pM. Therefore, the single concentration injection value of ~8 pM is highly accurate and can be further refined using our 2D kinetics approach with the mean affinity values inter-channel range from 6.8 pM to 9.0 pM.


In addition to accuracy, the optimised assay setup allows stronger confidence in your data with %CV values observed for ka (12%), kd (7%) and Rmax (3%). All well within regulatory guidelines.

Depending on the question you are looking to answer, we are able to tailor high throughput methods to suit your stage of development. Why not get in touch to discuss your requirements

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