Innate Immune Response

Innate immune response assays are key to investigate the impact of mAbs and compounds

Primary dendritic cells (DCs) are a heterogenous population comprising of myeloid and plasmocytoid DCs, which can be enriched from human peripheral blood or PBMCs. Highly functional DCs and macrophages in large quantities can be derived in vitro from classical CD14+ blood monocytes, using appropriate growth factors. Upon activation, primary DCs, mo-DCs and macrophages have a wide range of properties including production of key cytokines IL-12, IL-10 and type I IFNs, and are potent stimulators or suppressors of naive CD4+ T-cells.

Investigation into the impact of compounds or mAbs on:

  • Differentiation process of mo-DC and macrophages from monocytic precursors including apoptosis, phenotypic and functional changes.
  • Activation/maturation status of DCs and macrophages
  • Ability to activate or suppress responses of T-cells
  • Proof of concept using CSF1R antagonist - BLZ945 and RG7511, S1PR agonist, STING and TLR pathways agonists