Biological Assay Specialists

It's All About Bioassays, it's what we do!

Antibody Analytics is dedicated to delivering best-in-class biological assays to biosimilar and biologics developers alike. With many years of experience developing and running a huge variety of different assay formats to different global quality standards, supporting early phase discovery, clinical assessments and product manufacture, our scientists have an intimate understanding of how to get assays to the required standard, quickly. This is coupled with a thorough knowledge of the challenges associated across the phases of drug development and we can provide consultancy services to assist in defining the optimum approach for your project.

Although Antibody Analytics have developed an extensive range of internal assay formats to characterise biosimilars to the highest standard and industry leading data analysis using QuBas Bioassay Software, our platform methodologies can be readily adapted to characterise novel products delivering high quality methods whilst reducing cost and timelines. Whether you are early in development and looking to elucidate a mechanism of action or at a later phase and wish to establish an improved lot release potency methodology, Antibody Analytics has the expertise to help you.

Our Capabilities

Our services include a diverse range of assay formats

Cell-based Binding Assays (Flow Cytometry & ELISA
Cell Death & Apoptosis
Cell Proliferation & Viability
Cell Signalling
Cytokine Secretion/Inhibition
Effector Function Assays (ADCC, CDC, ADCP & TDCC)
Ligand Binding assays
Reporter Gene Assays

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