Our Team

Stuart Knowling


Dr Stuart Knowling is the Technical Director of Antibody Analytics and joined the company in 2018. With over a decade of experience in biophysical protein and nucleic acid production and characterisation, comprising both in vivo and in vitro techniques, and included postdoctoral research appointments at University College San Diego and the Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla.
Dr Knowling has successfully adapted his knowledge of SPR and biophysical techniques to meeting the growing demands of the Biosimilars market. Using SPR-based technologies, namely the Biacore 8K, T200 and Biacore 4000 systems, Stuart has initiated and developed multiple assay formats to characterise biosimilar monoclonal antibody-based therapies as part of larger similarity studies. Initially focussed upon characterisation of Fc binding characteristics, Stuart has a strong focus on developing target binding assays, potency assays and other non mAb assay formats to meet the needs of customers at all stages of submission to regulatory bodies.