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Using state-of-the-art technology, Antibody Analytics has been able to take their Bioanalysis capabilities even further 

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Biacore 8K

Antibody Analytics utilises the incredible Biacore 8K system to perform protein interaction analysis. It is widely accepted that SPR as a technology enables efficient screening, characterisation, process optimisation and quality control of biotherapeutics.

As a high throughput and highly sensitive system, Biacore 8K technology allows us to provide our customers with a single solution for large- and small-scale binding analysis e.g. Epitope binning, ranking, kinetics, affinity and everything in between.


Being able to apply real time cell analysis to our cytotoxicity platforms has unlocked valuable data for our customers at various stages of drug development. Unlike traditional assay endpoints, xCELLigence allows cells to be monitored, in the absence of labels, continuously and automatically throughout the entire course of an experiment.

At Antibody Analytics we can provide real time readouts of all of our cytotoxicity-based assays including ADCC, CDC, T cell mediated cytotoxicity and exhausted T cell formats.

Novocyte Quanteon

Antibody Analytics understands the importance and power of in-depth cell analysis for biopharmaceutical development. The Quanteon system is a 4-laser flow cytometer that can be configured with up to 25 independent photomultipliers, giving us and our customers the freedom to push our assay designed further than imagined.

The Novocyte Quanteon is used to provide beautiful data in many of our assay formats, such as cytotoxicity, proliferation and activation.

Luminex Magpix

Employing MAGPIX-based cytokine analysis not only maximises the amount of cytokine production data that can be gleaned from a single experimental set up, it can yield the discovery of cytokine changes that may not have been anticipated. Providing you with more insight on your molecule’s mode of action. The panel can be tailored to suit your needs, be it an off-the-shelf panel or bespoke, Antibody Analytics will work with you to ensure the panel answers your scientific questions.

Are you interested in determining the quantities of multiple cytokines in a single same sample? Perhaps you’re unsure of the secondary effects of your therapeutic and want to screen for unknown alterations in a wider cytokine panel? This is where MAGPIX offers several advantages over conventional ELISA approaches, with up to 50 analytes measurable per sample.

Cell Line Development

Antibody Analytics offers custom cell line development services to support bioassay development. Using our proprietary CHO Luc cells for viability and cytotoxicity assays, we have been able to support a wide range of common and less common targets. With an extensive library already available and future targets already identified, Antibody Analytics can undertake bespoke customer projects in the event commercially available cell line solutions are inappropriate.

All cell line development projects are carried out in a data driven manner. Custom cell lines can are created for biological characterisation in early discovery, through to lot release.

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Know Your Protein

Know Your Protein

As SPR is generally used for assessing binding to proteins in one form or another it’s a good idea to ensure that you have as much information about the proteins you’re assessing as possible.

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