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R&D Scientist (SMART Innovate UK Grant contract)

Open R&D position (fixed term) – SMART Innovate UK Grant laboratory scientist


Antibody Analytics have recently won a significant SMART Innovate UK Grant to fund the development of a novel cell line platform system called IndEx-2 (Inducible Expression). In this grant we are aiming to develop a system that will allow fine titratable control of expression of target antigens of interest (TAOI) by small molecules. The uniqueness of the system we are aiming to develop is that it will allow independent and fine control of the expression of two TAOI. This is very important as many of the molecules developed in the immuno-oncology space are bispecific. To achieve this, we will utilise chemically induced proximity (CIP) systems, which are molecular circuits that allow titratable expression of antigens upon treatment with small molecules. In parallel we will also develop a “landing pad” cell line platform, employing an integrase system that will allow rapid, accurate and efficient genetic modification. Combining the two will allows us to rapidly develop clonal cell lines.

Our goal is to use this novel platform to develop a suite of immuno-oncology focused assays which will facilitate a deeper understanding of complex bi- and tri- targeted antibody-based therapeutics. These will be applicable to several biopharmaceutical companies, particularly those developing mutli-specific antibodies, antibody drug conjugates and CAR-T cell therapies.


The position will be available to start in January 2021. The project will run for 16 months and be completed on 30th of April 2022. 

The SMART Innovate UK Grant laboratory scientist role:

  • You will have shared responsibility for the design and technical conduct of experiments, data analysis, interpretation, documentation and reporting of results
  • You will be responsible for carrying out the necessary laboratory work to generate and test the novel platform cell line system. This will involve:
  • Transduction and transfection techniques for the generation of recombinant cell lines
  • Molecular biology techniques such as PCR and sequence analysis for characterising the site of integration of the ‘landing pad’ in the platform cell line
  • Development of immuno-oncology assays using the cell line system that incorporate flow cytometry, ELISA, Luminex or xCELLigence readouts

Candidate experience requirements:

The candidate’s existing knowledge and skills will be evaluated against the following requirements:

  • Experience in cell culture and cell-based assays
  • Experience in flow cytometry and data analysis
  • A good understanding of molecular biology and molecular biology techniques, particularly around mammalian expression construct design for recombinant cell line generation
  • Experience of transfection techniques and transduction using lentiviral vectors
  • Familiarity with manipulating DNA sequences in silico using programs such as SnapGene
  • Ability to evaluate and interpret data from biological assays
  • Experience in handling and culturing primary immune cells such as T cells and NK cells
  • Experience in immunoassays such as ELISA, Luminex or other bead-based immunoassays
  • Experience in kinetic studies using xCELLigence Real Time Cell Analysis (RTCA) system is desirable
  • Knowledge or experience of immune-oncology assay development is desirable for the later stages of the project
  • Excellent writing and presentation skills  

Desirable personal attributes

In addition to the technical skills listed above, we are also looking for candidates with the following attributes:

  •  A drive and ability to learn new things
  • Be self-motivated with an investigative, creative, and curious mind
  • Be organised, hard-working with effective time-management and a sense of urgency
  • Be able to troubleshoot and find solutions
  • Be flexible and adaptable, and be able to cope with challenging experiments


This position is for a laboratory-based scientist who will be under the supervision of senior members of the R&D team. The salary awarded will fall within the following salary range: £23,000 – £33,000

The applicant’s current skills and experience will be considered when determining salary.

How to apply:

Please send an up to date CV, along with a letter detailing why you would be a suitable candidate for this role.

The deadline for applications is the end of business on Monday 7th of December 2020