Our assays will advance the development of your therapeutic candidates

  • In consultation with you, we design our assays to provide the fullest information on your molecule
  • We have developed a proprietary range of target cell lines, have access to a range of pre-screened primary T cell donors and can offer a choice of readouts – kinetic or endpoint analysis
  • Our capabilities allow us to support early screening activities all the way through to the development of lot release potency assay methods
What is

Effector T cells have the ability to destroy other cells (e.g. infected or tumour cells) by way of cell-mediated cytotoxicity. A T cell recognises antigens on a target cell via its T cell receptor (TCR). When the TCR is engaged, the effector T cell releases cytotoxic effector proteins which trigger the target cell to undergo apoptosis

In cancer the process of tumour cell immune surveilance can be weakened, allowing cancerous cells to proliferate unchecked. Immuno-therapies aim to harness the power of the immune system to augment the body’s natural anti-tumour immunity.

Our T cell mediated cytotoxicity assays can expedite your candidate selection process

Find out how we can support your T cell engager

Target Cell

Whether immortilised cell lines, bespoke engineered cell lines or primary tumour tissue, Antibody Analytics will support your requirements

Effector Cell

Build the perfect assay set up by selecting the most appropriate effector cell population for your development program

Assay Readout

T cell mediated cytotoxicity
can be measured in many different ways each with their own benefits

What are the

A number of options are available for the source of target cells for our T cell mediated cytotoxicity assays.

We have a variety of target cells at our disposal

Engineered cell lines may be the preferred option

An immortalised cell line expressing your target of interest may not be available or may require complicated induction protocols

For a simpler, more sensitive assay system, immortalised cell lines are available and represent a fundamental model for characterisation of T cell mediated cytotoxicity

We also provide the option of primary tumour tissue.

This allows the development of a disease relevant system, potentially more predictive of in vivo efficacy

Our in house cell line development capabilities allow us to develop bespoke cell lines to meet your requirements.

We have a library of target antigens 

Find out how we can support your T cell engager

What are the

The selection of an appropriate effector cell population is critical to the design of
T cell mediated cytotoxicity assays

Factors for consideration include:

The cell source i.e. PBMCs – fresh or cryopreserved?
Isolated effector cell population – pan-T cells, CD8+ or CD3+ enirched?
Should the effectors be activated or pre-expanded?
How will the disease status of the donor affect the assay?

We are experienced in performing assays with a range of effector cell populations and have access to a variety of pre-screened donors.

We can advise you on the best choice of effector cell population for your requirements

Find out how we can support your T cell engager

What are the

Real-Time Cell Analysis

Real-time, kinetic measurement of T cell mediated target cell death, offering a wealth of information in a label-free manner. Fast becoming the preferred method for measuring cytotoxicity

Luciferase Labelled Target Cells

Specific target cell viability measured without effector cell interference allowing a large range of potential assay formats

Chromium-release assay (51-Cr)

Direct, specific measurement of target cell death. Endpoint analysis


Direct, specific and non-radioactive measurement of target cell death

LDH Release / Dead Cell Protease Activity

Simple add and read format

Orthogonal Approaches

Other measures can be designed into these assays to provide additional outputs. T cell proliferation, surface expression of activation markers and cytokine release can be analysed using flow cytometry or multiplex cytokine analysis. Our aim is to provide you with as much information on the performance of your molecules as possible.

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