Antibody Analytics designs and develops beautiful bioassays to support biosimilar and NBE development, including immuno-oncology, cell therapy and ADCs. Using industry leading know-how and state of the art processes, we have accelerated development for some of the leading biotech companies in the world.

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We don't just test samples and deliver results. We aim to deliver interpretation. Going beyond what is expected to truly understand our customer's molecules and the relationship of the different mechanisms they can exert. To do so requires more than just a broad spectrum of capabilities, but the understanding of each assays limitations and applying innovate approaches to specific problems.

  • Leading experts in biological characterisation
  • Extensive portfolio of assays for potency, binding & effector function evaluation
  • Next generation ADCC, CDC & ADCP assays using proprietary cell lines
  • Customisable and flexible assay formats
  • Unparalleled knowledge of bioassay design, application and analysis
  • Exceptional assay performance through automation and miniaturisation
  • Complete range of genotyped effector preparations
  • Advanced data analytics using QuBas bioassay software